Critter Comfort Pet Sitting: Westchester County Pet Sitting
Critter Comfort Pet Sitting: Westchester County Pet Sitting 

Dog Visits - Ideal when your dog will be alone for long periods of time during the day. Based on your dog’s needs & exercise preferences, visits can include: dog walks in your neighborhood, potty breaks in the yard, play time with balls or other toys in the yard, refilling food & water bowls.

Pet Sitting - Services are customized for you & your pets needs while you are away, and can include: dog walks & yard playtime; litter box cleaning, cage cleaning; preparing meals & feeding all species of pets (including cooked meals, raw food diets, commercially prepared diets, fresh fruits & veggies, and insects for exotic pets); administering supplements & medication; bringing in your mail, and rotating lights & blinds to give your house a lived in look.

Administering Medications - Years of experience administering insulin, injections, oral medications, pills, and subcutaneous fluids. Comfortable administering medication to animals of all species & sizes.

* We are experienced in assisting pet owners in setting up & providing comprehensive care to senior pets - including changing wee wee pads, hand & syringe feeding, keeping animals clean, in addition to administering medications & supportive supplements.


Taxi Services - Drop off & pick up services available for visits to the vet, groomer & doggie day care facilities.

Personal Shopper Services - Picking up food & other supplies from the pet store, vet’s office, or anywhere else.

Personal Chef Services - Your pets deserve the same freshly cooked foods that you do, to meet their daily nutritional needs or just as an occasional treat. We can provide you pet with home cooked meals of seared streaks, roasted chicken, vegetable purees, and anything else you would like. Meals are perfectly cooked, fully seasoned, and customized based on your pet’s needs.

Handler Services - Many fun and interesting training classes that your dog would love to attend are only held during work hours, but that doesn’t mean that your dog has to miss out. We can take your dog to obedience, agility, scent work/nose work, or any other training class that you would like - on a one time basis or weekly, whatever the class’s schedule may be. We can also reinforce what was taught in those classes with your dog throughout the week, from walking properly on a leash to setting up mini agility courses or scent trials in your yard.

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